Trench Bunker



Trench bunker.

Supplied with a large removable ladder.

 Made in France

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Description :

25/28mm Set scale made with cardboard pre-cut and illustrated.

The trench bunker, in the back, has an opening to slide your figures easily. A large removable ladder can be placed at the back of the bunker in the position of your choice. The large front murderous will be ideal for your troops can provide a deluge of fire on their opponents while providing a comfortable shelter.

Dimensions : 12.5 cm * 8.5 cm * 11.5 cm

Easy assembly : 

This product didn’t require any particular equipment You can assemble them without glue nor cutting Tools.

Our product are studies to be easily and quickly assembled .

Optimal storage :

The Trench Bunker is totally dismantable, facilitating Storage and transport.

Coverage :

The illustration of this product was clear film coat, assuring a good scratch and liquid projection résistance.