Sector IH : Super Pack



1 X Super Pack

Availability: End of February.

 Made in France

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Description :

25/28mm Set scale made with cardboard pre-cut and illustrated.

Pack containing a copy of each Sector IH product :

  • SIH-02 (1 copy)
  • SIH-03 (1 copy)
  • SIH-04 (1 copy)
  • SIH-05 (1 copy)
  • SIH-06 (1 copy)
  • SIH-07 (1 copy)
  • SIH-08 (1 copy)
  • SIH-09 (1 copy)

The Sector IH range is fully modular, depending on your wishes and your game needs.

You can also combine it with the other ranges of Klip'N Play decors (industrial and industrial buildings in ruins, factory, new ruins).

Dimension (from the first example in photo):

- height: 10"

- width: 11.4"

- length: 30"

Easy assembly : 

This product didn’t require any particular equipment You can assemble them without glue nor cutting Tools.

 Our product are studies to be easily and quickly assembled .

Optimal storage :

The sets of the Sector IH range are completely removable, making storage and transport easier.

Coverage :

The illustration of this product was clear film coat, assuring a good scratch and liquid projection résistance.


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